wtorek, 15 września 2009

The season - it's over !

Well, it's been quite a long time since I wrote something here. It was due to my broken computer. I have hardly written my last report and it broke !Since then we have had Pobierowo EuroChallenger, Allegro Cup in Leba, which haven't been really lucky for me. I have taken it more as a training, we had an interesting conditions...30knts Formula sailing. Than with Maciek Rutkowski, Jacek Piasecki and Agnieszka Bilska we went for Juniors Slalom Europeans. Surely, with our fathers supporting us with traveling. This event was strange! We had difference of wind speed about 10knts in almost every race! In one final it was even 9 to 29knots! Sick! Polish team has taken 4 awards there. Maciek - 1st place U19, me - 3rd U17, Jacek - 1st U17 and Goffy - 1st girl U17. After that I moved to Marian Brzozowski Qlub in Łeba, where I will train all next season. After only 2 days there I managed to took 12th in seniors Polish Cup FW and 8th in Slalom. It was cool. The last weekend of vacations in Poland we had Juniors Slalom and FW Championships. I took 1st in Formula U17 and 2nd in Slalom U17. I have very huge plans for this winter. It's like : trainging testing trainging testing ... Hopefully with sparingpartner. Brasil? Maui? Egypt? I don't know yet. But for sure next April in Almanarre where the Juniors Slalom Worlds will take place in 2010!

Aloha,Gutek KurczewskiPOL-75 ( Smartfins, http://www.oddech.pl/ )