poniedziałek, 1 czerwca 2009

Jeziorsko Cup 2009

A little bit late report, cause it’s the end of school year here in Poland and I am in need of marking my grades.
But well, week ago we had first Polish Cup this season, which took place as usual on Jeziorsko Lake. Organizers were quite happy, cause all top Polish sailors has came, even some sailors from abroad where there! Wind was also good for us. We had 6 races.
On the first day ( Friday) we managed to do two. The wind was about 5-15knts, offshore, so it was very gusty. Both races were won by Wojtek Brzozowski. Second was Filip Korczycki and third Łukasz Konieczny. Wind had dropped so quick, that most sailors got back to shore by paddling with their masts.
On Saturday we managed to do 4 races. Wind was stronger. About 12-19 knts, also offshore. Most of us were sailing with 11m2, some even with 12m2. Changing sail between races was rather impossible, due to offshore wind (50-100 meters off shore was possible to sail only by paddling). Well known dancer – Steve Allen AUS0 has joined us that day. Only for training, but it didn’t disturb him with winning one race, by overtaking Wojtek just a few meters before finishing line. On Sunday there was no wind enough to do any racing.
Wojtek Brzozowski won, second was Huber Mokrzycki and in the third Kuba Guzdek.
Unfortunately it was more like weak ragatta for me. In the first day I have chosen bad fin, in the second it was also something wrong. After races I breathed a sigh of relief, cause I realized that I had got broken battens and the worse positions were not only my fault at all. The cold comfort is that not only me had such a bad luck. Maciek Rutkowski POL23 weren’t doing well in the first day, and in the second his extension got broken, so that he hadn’t finished 2 races. Michael Polanowski can also say about bad luck. 3rd in the Worlds in Portimao last year, and 5th on Jeziorsko…
When it comes to Youth’s the best was Michał Aftowicz POL83, who managed to take 7th in general ! Juniors were won by me – Radek ‘Gutek’ Kurczewski POL75. 1st master was Rysiu Pikul POL40, and in the women fleet Aga Pierasik POL19 was 1st.
Next Polish Cup is in Chałupy VI ( Hel Penisula ) on 19th- 21st June. Organizers plan to do Formula as well as Slalom. Hopefully wind and equipment will do good, and you will have a whale of game !

Gutek Kurczewski POL-75 ( SmartFins, http://www.oddech.pl/ )