poniedziałek, 20 lipca 2009

JYM Slalom World Championships 2009

12th July was the registration day, on 13th we started racing. Organizers have done good work. We had special place for equipement, lunches, barbecues and races were done pretty quick every day. Mroczek arrived 7 hours before races, but his stuff had stayed in Amsterdam. We had to share mine during the first day. To be honest I didn't have good starts and jibes at that day. Speed wasok, but that wasn't enough. I finished 2nd and 4th. Wojtek in loosers and winners final. He finished 9th.On the second day stronger wind came. About 22-26 knots. I was wandering weather to choose 6.6 ot 7.6. Finally I have choosen 7.6. Lugi ( my strongest opponent ) was overearly in first semi final. I won the final. In the next one thebiggest mistake in slalom I've ever seen! We have mistaken the buoys! I was leading to the first mar, then I was overtaken onabout board lenght, and falled on 2nd jibe. But! Then Luigi went for the 5th mark! Me too, but I saw Bonaire guys sailig up wind, and managed to take this buoy with only one tack, because of upwind capability of my camber fin and finished 4th. And that gave me 1st in overall.Wojtek was sailig on about 8th-9th place. On the 3rd day we had only juniors quater finals and then it started to rain like cats and dogs and wind dropped.On the 4th I won both finals! In the first one I overtook Luigi on the last mark, wich was very motivating for me.In teh second one I was leading since start and won again. I was 1st in overall, but next 2 eliminations could have changed everything. I had pretty bad start in first final on 5th day and took only 2nd position. Together with Luigi we werea bit nervous as the last final should decide who will become World Champ. Fortunately I managed to concentrate at time,dod good start, didn't stop planing while jibes and won the Juniors World Title 2009 by last race!Wojtek ended up on 10th, and the winner of Youths was Enes Yilmaizer TUR2 ( he is top 20 PWA ). We didn't have any Polish Master so I would like to write here only that Markus Poltenstein AUT30 has won it.The official event website is http://www.bonaireslalomworld.com/ where you can find photos, films and results after each day.Now I am in Hel Penisula waiting for big formula events on Polish coast: Pobierowo EuroChallenger, Leba AllegroCup,and Europeans in Sopot.

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